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Being one of the cultural and educational centers ancient Guba is famous with its natural and geographical conditions and charming beauty.
Center of this beautiful land - Guba city is located in an area from the north-east foot of Greater Caucasus Ridge to Samur-Davachi lowland, 616 meters above the sea level.
There are many beautiful, picturesque villages having own traditions in the territory of Guba district, famous as “Land of gardens”.
Tengealti, Afurja, Gechresh, Kusnat-Gazma and other villages situated among the greenery, surrounded with mountains and flowing thundering rivers are suitable for tourism. Guba Regional Tourism Information Centre constantly organizes tourist excursions to these villages for the purpose of familiarization of tourists coming to see such places with their traditions.
One of these excursions has been organized to Tengealti and Afurja villages. Nearly 20 tourism amateurs have participated in the walking. Peoples seeing Tenge valley were amazed by its beauty.
The road between mountains, steep rocks, river flowing among greenery, thick forest  creates lovely and charming view. Tourists going to Tengealti village were interested in “Qaçaq Mayıl” cave. Afurja village is situated above the Tengealti village. This village is famous with its waterfall. The height of the waterfall flowing from the mountain-passes and charming greenery is 60 metres.

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